Portland REALTOR® Since 2003

An experienced REALTOR® is able to foresee obstacles that might derail a real estate transaction, and due to the fact that I have been involved in hundreds of real estate transactions, I know what it takes to sell a home.  Every transaction is a little bit different; there are always twists and turns, but being an active Portland REALTOR® for the past 13 years gives me an edge in negotiations... and it gives my clients knowledge and power.  I have been a member of the Portland Metropolitan Association of REALTORS®  and the National Association of REALTORS®since 2003.

Why select a Portland REALTOR®?

It is no secret that around 85% of the homes sold in Portland are sold by REALTORS®.  So step 1 in selling a house or condo is to select a REALTOR®.  The next step is to select a Portland REALTOR®  with plenty of experience as a listing agent.  An experienced REALTOR® will be able to advise the seller about the price and competition as well as prepare a marketing strategy.  The marketing strategy should involve internet marketing, proper signage, open houses, flyer and quick responses to buyer inquiries.  The internet marketing should involve featuring the listing on some of the top websites in the area including jmaproperties, trulia, zillow and realtor.com.

If you would like to sell your condo or home, please give me a call 503-810-2219.  It doesn't matter if you have negative or positive equity in your home, you still have options.  Currently there is strong demand for homes that are in good to excellent condition and are priced at market value. In the Portland Metro Area we are experiencing a "seller's market." This is great news for property owners who are looking to sell. Brian has a lot of experience in helping sellers get top dollar under the current market conditions. Marketing a house effectively can make a substantial difference in sale price and time on the market, and pricing a home at the right price is a critical element in a marketing plan. Other important factors include staging, social media and open houses. 

Do I need a REALTOR®  to be my "buyer's agent"?

The short answer is: no.  In Oregon we have what is called "Disclosed Limited Agency".  The listing agent of a property is able to represent both the seller and the buyer; however, this type of agency is not allow in some states because it is considered a conflict of interest.  The long answer about working with a "buyer's agent" is: yes, you should have a buyer's agent.  A buyer's agent will look out for your best interests without any doubts about who he or she is working for.  He or she will help you find properties online, set up appointments for you, help you write an offer (when the time is right) and make sure that the paperwork is taken care of properly.

I have listed and sold houses all over the Portland Metro Area for the past 13 years, and here are some examples of my sold properties:

John Ross Condos, South Waterfront, Portland OR
The John Ross Condos, South Waterfront
Portland OR, Sold 2011

Atwater Place Condominiums, South Waterfront,  Portland OR
Atwater Place Condos, South Waterfront
Portland OR, Sold 2011

Pearl District, Sold Condo

Pearl District Condo (Sold 2010)

Sold by Brian Porter, Portland Realtor

Buckman Craftsman (Sold)

Sold by Portland Realtor, Brian Porter

Mt Tabor Bungalow (Sold 2010)

Sold by Portland Realtor, Brian Porter

Beaverton Contemporary (Sold)

SE Portland Foreclosure (Sold 2011)

Laurelhurst Sold Home

Laurelhurst Old Portland (Sold)

Sold by Portland Realtor, Brian Porter

Gresham (Investor Flipped a Short Sale 2010)

Portland Realtor, Brian Porter was listing agent.

Hawthorne Craftsman (Sold)

Beaverton Ranch (Sold 2010)

Tigard (Bull Mountain) Dayranch

Tigard (Bull Mountain) Contemporary (Sold)

Reed Retro Modern

Reed College Area Retro Modern (Sold)

Beaumont Village Traditional (Sold 2010)

If you have a home or condo that you would like to sell, please give me a call, 503-810-2219.

Thanks, Brian Porter, Portland REALTOR®