Portland Nursery Apple Festival

September 10, 2013 10:59


Just look outside and you will see it is time to start thinking about fall and the gorgeous days we have ahead of us in Portland. It is my favorite time of the year, the leaves change colors, the days get shorter, the cool air starts to set in, the farmers markets are still here and it’s the season for Portland Nurseries annual Apple Tasting Event. Check out Portland Nurseries website for details.

I first started attending this event about 5 years ago and have been a loyal attendee ever since. The setting is in the heart of Southeast Portland at the Portland Nursery located on SE 50th and SE Stark Street. There are large tents are set up outside in the back of the nursery among the regular inventory for all the fruit and tasters. There are plenty of both with over 60 varieties of apples and hundreds of people. Make sure you go with lots of time and patience; I have waited for over an hour before in the tasting line, it is worth the wait and you will be amazed at how different the apples taste. This is for sure the highlight of the event, but not all the nursery has to offer. There is live music, an area for children, local vendors and more. The apple strudel with creamy vanilla soft serve is a must get while there. It is a Fall Portland treat that I look forward to all year long.

Another fun thing about the apple festival is that you get an opportunity to walk through a charming SE Portland neighborhood. Usually parking is not attainable right out front so walking through the crowded tree lined streets is a must. The houses in this SE Portland Tabor neighborhood are amazing. They are unique, although cohesive with one another. They range from old Portland bungalows and craftmans to mid century ranches and newer skinny custom built homes. On one side of the street you will see a large old bungalow with an oversized porch and lush front yard and on the other a 1950’s ranch with huge picture windows and a mid century modern flare.

Here are the home stats for this quintessential SE Portland neighborhood, West Mt Tabor. There are currently 4 homes on the market near Portland Nursery. They range from $295,000 up to $549,000 in listing price and have been on the market on average 58 days. On average the homes are 2170 square feet and are listed for $208 a square foot. They are mostly old Portland bungalows, although there is a newer skinny home on the market as well. That is the beauty of inner SE Portland neighborhoods, an eclectic mix of homes and gardens that all live together in harmony.

What is great about the nursery is that it is a retail establishment in the heart of a well established residential neighborhood. Mt Tabor has long been a part of SE Portland’s history and is home to the Mt Tabor Park; a 200 acre park surrounded by some of SE Portland’s most unique homes sitting on top of an extinct volcano that measures around 600 feet. Portland Nursery is located on the West side of Mt Tabor and the homes referenced above are in that small pocket around SE 50th and SE Stark Street.

The further you head up the hill the more the prices increase and the landscape starts to change. Mt Tabor is still very walk able even though there are some homes on a significant slope and transportation is available. As you venture up Mt Tabor the prices change, currently there are 3 homes on the market that back up to the park and they are listed from $864,000 to $1,100,000. These homes are on average 3495 square feet and are listed for $273 a square foot. That is a big jump from just 15 blocks west; the homes around the nursery are going for $208 a square foot. The reason for the increase is that these homes boast amazing views and are near this gorgeous park.

Make a day out of the Apple Tasting at Portland Nursery and give yourself enough time to explore Mt Tabor Park as well, you won’t’ be disappointed.

Written by Amanda Folkestad