Why isn't my house selling?

February 12, 2023 18:03

Wow, things change fast.  Less than a year ago, we were in one of the hottest real estate markets ever.  Not just here in Portland, but all across the USA.  We were getting offers on our lisings before we could put up a for sale sign.  We were getting multiple offers at above asking price.  Fast forward to October 2022, and things are different.  Inventory is higher, multiple offers are few and far between, market time is much longer and price reductions are commonplace.  In Portland, we have seen price reductions on more than 50% of the current active listings.

So now people are beginning to ask, "Why isn't my house selling?"

Well, the main reason that a house doesn't get offers is because the market does not perceive that a property is worth the asking price.  In other words, it is overpriced.

Another reason that houses don't sell is because they are not getting enough showings.  So how to you get a lot of showings?  By doing a good job on the marketing of the home.  One of the most important things we need to get a lot of showings is great photographs.  We have been working with professional photographers for years, because they are awesome at what they do.  Sure, we use our own photos on social media, but for our listings, our preference is to always hire a professional photographer... especially for video.  You can see our professionally photographed homes at https://www.brianporter.com/featured-listings

Another way to increase online views and showings is to stage a home.  In my opinion, the difference between a staged property and an un-staged home is remarkable.  I took a few before and after photos of a new construction listing that we have in order to illustrate the difference.

Why isn't my house selling?
why isn't my house selling
why isn't my house selling


If you have a house with great staging and great photos, you are going to get a lot of online looks, especially of the house is priced appropriately.  Later, online looks become showings, then showings bring offers, but if you have poor quality photos or an unstaged or poorly staged getting a lot of showings is an uphill battle.

If you have any questions about staging or selling homes in the Portland Metro Area, please let me know.  503-810-2219