Mercury Retrograde

February 02, 2022 10:07

Mercury is the smallest planet in our solar system and retrograde is an adjective that means backwards, therefore Mercury in retrograde refers to a period of time in which it appears to be moving backwards. Though all the planets go through retrograde motion; Mercury's is the one that gains the most attention because being being the closest it only takes 88 days to complete its circle and that is the reason we experience its retrograde three times a year each lasting about three weeks at a time.  


According to astrology  each planet governs an aspect of our personality and Mercury rules communication, thoughts, ideas and impacts technology and our means of communication. Mercury is the planet that is collectively responsible for things like commerce, communication, transportation, writing, data, facts, figures and the devices we use to communicate with each other. So when Mercury goes retrograde, challenges, mistakes and delays occur in all those fields. Like accidentally replying all to a company wide email, sending texts to your ex, date and times written wrong, travel delays etc etc. 

Before you go on blaming the planet you should know what you can learn from this and the first thing would be it is a chance for us to slow down a bit, reassess, recenter and heal. Look at the things in your life that need special attention; and remember if Mercury is communication, it is curiosity too so use that to learn something new rather than struggling with what's not going in your favor. Interpersonal relationships can suffer due to bad communication so put in that extra effort to communicate clearly, don't over do it and don't stay silent as well, it's all about the balance. 

The first Mercury Retrograde of 2022 is over tomorrow and during the next two be extra cautious to not reply all on your company email thread, read the names of the recipients twice, read your text twice before sending and back up all your important files. 

A little humor goes a long way so we will close this with a funny meme about Mercury Retrograde. 


Stay Well!! 


Simmi Malhotra