Everett Station Lofts Courtyard Show

January 07, 2013 02:45

Once a year, all are welcome (inside) here
by Wade Nkrumah

O.K. They did it.

Props to Everett Station Lofts & Galleries.

The artists and artisans at the live/work collective in Chinatown/Old Town did what they rarely do – they opened their inner sanctum to the masses.

So it was August 4, when Everett Station invited the First Thursday throngs into its courtyards to view – and buy – art.

Installation Art At Everett Station Lofts Everett Station Lofts Annual Courtyard Show
Everett Station Lofts Annual Courtyard Show Everett Station Lofts
DJ at Everett Station Lofts Matthew Clark At Everett Station Lofts

Of course, the occasion – as are many at Everett Station – was another excuse to eat, drink, meet, greet, mingle, mix and be merry.

Allowing the into the courtyard happens once a year. So, if you were there, you’re glad you were. If you weren’t there, well … next year.

You knew it was coming. Last week, at this very web site, you were tipped off in this very blog space to the very special once yearly First Thursday happening at Everett Station.

The art. The food and drink (Thank-you Rick Myers and Company Tonight). Big art. The DJ. Small art. The Film Crew. Smart art. The people galore.

So, yes, they did it. And you were – or should have been – there.