The Woodstock Neighborhood -Quintessential Portland

November 15, 2016 11:39

 Houses in the Woodstock neighborhood in Portland Woodstock neighborhood Portland

The Woodstock Neighborhood is quintessential Portland with lots of bungalows, local shops and a fun laidback vibe. Woodstock is located in inner SE Portland between Holgate and Johnson Creek and 39th and 45-60th Avenues. Neighborhoods that are near the Woodstock Neighborhood are Eastmoreland Heights, Creston Kenilworth and Reed. The Woodstock Neighborhood is known for its bustling commercial core on SE Woodstock Blvd between SE 39th Ave and SE 52nd Avenue.

The Woodstock Neighborhood is one of Portland’s oldest as it was platted in 1889. There are homes in the area that were built in the 1880’s that still stand today. There is a wide variety of homes in the Woodstock neighborhood keeping the overall feeling comfortable and funky. On a typical Woodstock street you will see Victorians, Bungalows, Cottages and Ranches. There is a lot of newer infill in the Woodstock neighborhood as well due to the larger lots and smaller homes that are easy to purchase, demolish and rebuild on. It is not uncommon to see streets in the Woodstock neighborhood where every other house in new infill.

The mix of architecture makes the Woodstock neighborhood appealing to many people with a good variety of home prices and sizes. Overall the prices in Woodstock are remaining steady as the area is growing in popularity. Woodstock has great transportation and is accessible to downtown through SE 39th Avenue. Many who live in the Woodstock neighborhood walk and bike to work and the neighborhood lends itself to this lifestyle. There are many local businesses along SE Woodstock Blvd as well, helping to increase the desire to live in the neighborhood.

Woodstock Blvd is full of local businesses including shops, restaurants and hardware stores. One of my favorite children’s resale stores is on the street too. It is easy to take an afternoon to walk up and down the street to eat and shop.

Currently there are 19 homes for sale in the Woodstock neighborhood ranging from $329,900 up to $825,000. The average price per square foot is $252 and these homes have been on the market for an average of 21 days. The average square footage for the active listings in the Woodstock neighborhood is 2185 square feet. These homes range from new modern infill to remodeled bungalows and tudors. There are also 19 homes pending sale in this neighborhood right now. In the last 30 days 10 homes have sold in the Woodstock area ranging from $310,400 up to $832,000. On average these homes were on the market for only 7 days and sold for $246 per square foot.

Overall, Woodstock is a comfortable Portland neighborhood with a good mix of houses, businesses and people. The Woodstock neighborhood is a true Portland neighborhood with a laid back vibe. The streets are wide, some with sidewalks and some without. Many of the homes sit on larger lots with mature landscaping allowing for newer infill homes to be built. The mix of the new homes, older homes, local businesses and transportation are all what create the feeling of the Woodstock neighborhood.

Written by Amanda Folkestad and Brian Porter