Case Shiller Report February 2016-

May 26, 2016 13:06

Case Shiller Report February 2016-

According to the Case Shiller Report Portland is the hottest real estate market in the country with an 11.9% increase over last years prices. Seattle isn't far behind with an 11% increase and Denver takes the third spot with a 9.7% increase.

You are probably asking yourself why Portland is so popular. Well, let us tell you what we think. People are flocking here for many reasons. First and foremost Portland is a beautiful city that was well planned. We have an urban growth boundary that helps keep Portland central. We have lots of art, fountains and parks to enjoy throughout the city, not just downtown. In 1970 the Portland Plan was put into effect and downtown Portland was revitalized with gathering places and beautiful clear vistas in the streets (this is a concept that we borrowed from Amsterdam- clear vista means that you can stand in a street and see for blocks ahead of you.) All of these things make Portland a pedestrian and biker friendly city.

Another reason that more people are calling Portland home we believe is the show Portlandia. It is wildly popular and while poking fun at some of the unique subcultures in Portland, overall it paints a fun and accurate picture. While some of the skits in the show are silly, many are a good representation of what Portland and it's residents are all about. Portland really is a cool city to live in. Keeping it weird for sure.

Portland is becoming a tech hub and folks are also moving here to live the lifestyle and telecommute. Portland is close to the coast and also the mountains. There are tons of great places to hike, bike and walk all over the city. Skiing, snowboarding, biking, water skiing, boating, fishing, hiking and rock climbing are just a few of the outdoor activities that are abundant in the Pacific Northwest. Portland is home to the Willamette and Columbia rivers where there are houseboats, restaurants and lots of access points for boaters and outdoor enthusiasts.

Overall, Portland is a gorgeous city and a beautiful place to live. We have a nice mild climate, lovely spaces and lots of green space. We expect Portland to continue to grow in the coming years and are welcoming to new residents and visitors alike.

If you have time to visit Portland, do it. Stay in a cool boutique hotel or airbnb rental, eat some fabulous local food at the carts, walk the waterfront, bike the inner neighborhoods and emerge yourself into Portland's culture. Our guess is you won't want to leave and we can help with that. Call or text us anytime for more info on this place we call home.