House Hunting In Fall

October 01, 2020 12:00

House hunting in fall
The oppressive heat is gone, and the cool crisp air is a sweet relief. The landscape is at its best with all the warm fall colors, and the need to nest and be cozy is more. Is that all that makes fall he best time to buy a house? No, because apart from all these reasons, there are logistics that have proven over the years that fall is, after all, a good time to buy a house. Let us tell you how.
Once you have your down payment ready, your credit is in great shape and you have a perfect real estate broker, then you think is it the right time? One thing that we all go through as a buyer is the timing and it is an important question because your ability to buy a house doesn’t depend only on your financial ability but also on how real estate market is doing, as it can be pretty fickle.
Spring and Summer are the peak of home buying seasons and winter tends to be much slower, but fall is a time when the competition is much less. The buyer has more negotiating power at this time, and the sellers know that the season is coming to an end, so they are also more open to sweetening the deal for you such as accepting lower than asking price or offering concessions or more generous contingency periods.
It is easier to find contractors to make repairs and upgrades. And as the temperatures cool down the sellers, mortgage lenders and title companies can respond more quickly with fewer delays.
The focus at this time is you, and our team of professionals at JMA Properties work very hard at making this process stress free, all the while keeping in mind all your wants and needs because after all buying home is a big stepping stone in your life.
Let us help you find your perfect home this fall.

Simmi Mlahotra