market analysis August 2011

August 24, 2011 16:26

This graph clearly shows that the average sale price has been going up in Portland in 2011.  This graph was published in the July 2011 Market Action report that is put out by RMLS. 

I do have some concerns about this graph and real estate values in Portland.  First, it appears that the price of 275K is a point of major resistance. When will Portland Real Estate be able to breach that price?  We are coming to the end of our high season, and prices typically go down in the winter. If we do breach the 275K in the next month or two, then the 275K price might serve as point of support.  However, if we do not break out above 275K then we might re-test the bottom price of about 250K.  

The national news regarding the debt ceiling, the loss of the AAA Bond Rating of the USA and the sharp decline of the stock market in August are weighing on the local real estate market.  I noticed some apprehension and lack of confidence from buyers during the first part of August.  In the past week or so, things have picked up a bit, but the market is still fragile and the recovery is questionable at best. 

Some people are starting to say that the market has bottomed out (see the article on Oregon Live dated August 16, 2011), but I will rest a lot easier in the spring of 2012.

Average Real Estate Sale Price Portland

Some other interesting facts are: Closed sales (number of units) were up 21% when you compare July 2011 with July 2010.  The average sale price declined 7.4% over that same period of time.  The average sale price went up to $275,100 from $267,100 from June to July of 2011.


November 08, 2011 18:20
Laura DeGrace said:

Do you still feel this way? I recently found out my condo mortgage in St. Johns is underwater. In your opinion, will prices in that area continue to go down, or will they stabilize? I'm just trying to figure out what to do given this new information. Hang on, try to sell (others in the building have tried and failed). My biggest worry is losing my job and then being in foreclosure - which I don't know how that works. Sorry for this ramble! Sincerely, Laura

November 08, 2011 19:20
Brian Porter said:

Hi Laura, Yes I still feel the same way. I think that we will probably loose some ground over the next few months, and the critical point for our market will be in Feb. of 2012. It could be the bottom, but if there is a crisis between now an then, we could suffer another leg down in the market. Please call me at 503-810-2219 to discuss your individual situation. Brian

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