How big is Portland?

August 16, 2017 10:27

How big is Portland?

Downtown Portland Oregon

Portland has grown tremendously as a city with new residents moving here daily. Currently there are roughly 2.4 million folks who live here. Portland ranks 13th among US metro areas in the largest increase of new residents moving from elsewhere in the United States. Here are some current stats on the Portland Metro area at this time:

Portland Metropolitan Area –

7 Counties including Multnomah, Washington and Yamhill, Clackamas, Columbia, Washington, Oregon and Clark and Skamania Counties.

2015 Population: 2,389,228
New Residents, 2014-2015: 40,621
Domestic migrants (moved from elsewhere in the US): 21,479
International migrants: 6,423
Natural increase (births minus deaths): 11,405
Growth rate since 2014: 1.72%
Growth rate since 2010: 7.02%

Multnomah County-

2015 population: 790,294
New Residents: 12,414
Domestic migrants: 5,273
International migrants: 3,050
Natural increase: 3,945
Growth rate since 2014: 1.59%
Growth rate since 2010: 7.18%

Washington County-

2015 population: 571,326
New Residents: 11,053
Domestic migrants: 4,507
International migrants: 2,182
Natural increase: 3,996
Growth rate since 2014: 1.96%
Growth rate since 2010: 7.46%

Clackamas County-

2015 population: 401,515
New Residents: 7,011
Domestic migrants: 5,301
International migrants: 383
Natural increase: 934
Growth rate since 2014: 1.77%
Growth rate since 2010: 6.53%

Clark County, Washington-

2015 population: 459,495
New Residents: 9,054
Domestic migrants: 5,821
International migrants: 668
Natural increase: 2185
Growth rate since 2014: 2.01%
Growth rate since 2010: 7.66%

With the increasing population and current urban growth boundary, housing has become difficult for some to find within the city of Portland. Developers are purchasing older single family homes, tearing them down and building new townhouses and condos on them. They are also purchasing lots and land on commercial streets to construct new apartments and condos. We have seen a surge in construction of apartments and future rentals. Portland is rapidly changing, but has at the same time stayed the same. I have lived here my entire life and although certain streets and corners are unrecognizable the city has kept it’s laid back urban vibe. Portland is a truly unique city and more people who visit here are making the decision to stay.

Written by Amanda Folkestad and Brian Porter