Brentwood Darlington - One Hot Pocket in Portland

November 01, 2018 00:56

 Brentwood Darlington - One Hot Pocket in Portland



Brentwood Darlington is a neighborhood in SE Portland located between SE 45th and SE 82 Avenues and SE Duke and SE Clatsop Streets. Brentwood Darlington is bordered by the Lents, Woodstock and Mt Scott / Arleta neighborhoods and has become a very popular neighborhood in the last 5 years. It seems that Brentwood Darlington is continuing to thrive and gain popularity among locals and transplants alike. 

In the last 1 month 20 homes have sold in the Brentwood Darlington neighborhood. Of those sold homes the average price was $341,670 and they were on the market around 49 days. There are currently 51 active homes for sale in this neighborhood ranging from $150,000 up to $750,000 with an average of $241 per square foot. There’s a lot of variety in the Brentwood Darlington neighborhood with ranches, bungalows, cape cods and newer infill homes as well. This area is still affordable and has lots of options for many types of buyers. Homes are on the smaller side compared to other areas and are appealing to first time buyers, move down buyers and families.

Brentwood Darlington has an eclectic Portland vibe and is home to some great parks. Brentwood Park is located on SE 60th and SE Duke, the Brentwood Community Garden is on SE 57th and SE Cooper St, Errol Heights Property on SE 52nd and SE Tenino to name a few. The Errol Heights Property is 12 acres of walking paths located on the Johnson Creek Watershed. It is also very bikeable and walking friendly. Sidewalks went into this neighborhood around 20 years ago. Brentwood Darlington became an official neighborhood in 1974.

The neighborhood association for Brentwood Darlington is strong and continues to work on improving the area. They organize clean ups and community gardens. Due to the affordability and large lots in the BD neighborhood developers are purchasing homes, tearing them down and building new ones in their place. In fact the Brentwood Darlington neighborhood has seen more demolitions per square foot than any other area in Portland. The association continues to try and fight demolitions in the area and are active in campaigning for new demolition laws within the city of Portland. Residents of the Brentwood Darlington neighborhood say that it is comfortable and laid back and want to stay that way.

It is obvious that the Brentwood Darlington area has changed tons since being called “felony flats” years ago. Houses are being renovated, residents are active in the neighborhood association, businesses are entering the neighborhood and buyers are coming in droves. Brentwood Darlington is one of the last truly affordable areas left west of 82nd Avenue. Other neighborhoods that border the BD area are much more expensive and harder to buy homes in, especially for first time buyers on a budget. There is good transportation and a homey, hard working feel to the area that is appealing to many.

Written by Amanda Folkestad and Brian Porter