The Arbor Lodge Neighborhood

April 09, 2019 13:11

 Arbor Lodge Neighborhood -

The Arbor Lodge neighborhood is located in North Portland and is between Willamette Blvd and the I-5 freeway from Ainsworth to Lombard Street. The Arbor Lodge neighborhood is a nice mix of residential and commercial with some big retailers and local business alike. The MAX was added in 2004 and since then has really helped with the accessibility and rising prices of the neighborhood. There is a New Seasons Market and Fred Meyer Superstore that have been added within the last 10 years. Arbor Lodge has become a completely different neighborhood in a very short amount of time and the real estate market is reflecting its popularity. Check out this article for more info on the layout of the city.

Arbor Lodge Neighborhood home

Currently there are 21 homes for sale in the Arbor Lodge neighborhood ranging from $295,000 up to $850,000 with an average of $283 per square foot. The average time on market is 94 days and the average size is 1846 square feet. There are currently 14 homes pending sale in Arbor Lodge with an average price of $280 per square foot and average market time of 33 days. In the last 30 days 7 homes have sold in Arbor Lodge ranging from $379,900 up to $500,000 with an average of $227 per square foot and average market time of 20 days.

Arbor Lodge neighborhood
Folks flock to Arbor Lodge looking to score a deal and get into an urban neighborhood close to transportation, shops, boutiques and more. The residential streets are just that, residential. They are wide, quiet and have a large mix of home styles adding to the fun quirky feeling of Arbor Lodge. Each home has its unique personality that adds to the flavor of the area. Most of the businesses in Arbor Lodge are located on North Lombard Street and North Interstate. They include the above mentioned New Seasons market, Fred Meyer Super store and many local businesses. I have been a frequent customer of the Rainbow Lampshade Shop on Lombard for years, they are the best at rewiring old lamps and chandeliers and making custom shades.

Arbor Lodge Neighborhood

The biggest anchor to the Arbor Lodge neighborhood is the Arbor Lodge Park. Arbor Lodge Park has been in the neighborhood since 1940 and is right across from the Chief Joseph Elementary School. There is a strong sense of community that is apparent when spending time at this park. Children from the school play here and many others enjoy activities at the park as well. The entire park is surrounded by sidewalks increasing the walkability of the area and opening the park to all who live in the neighborhood.

Most of the homes in Arbor Lodge were built between 1910 and 1930, although there are many newer infill homes that are sprinkled throughout the neighborhood. Arbor Lodge is a great place for developers to build new infill homes as the desire to live in the area increases and there are homes here that need to be restored or torn down. Arbor Lodge has been popular throughout the years for different reasons, early on the railroad brought folks to Arbor Lodge, then WWII brought workers here and now the MAX and revitalization of the area has brought many new residents. Living in Arbor Lodge affords a unique urban lifestyle with a strong sense of community.

Written by Amanda Folkestad

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