Skydiving - A Timeless, limitless, fearless experience

June 09, 2021 10:42

Portland is home to a lot of things, especially where nature and weird go hand in hand. Hiking, swimming in waterfalls, rivers and creeks, skiing, snowboarding, picnics, wine tasting, biking, drinking craft beer are some of the commonly known things but did you know that in Portland exists the largest fleet of modern, well-maintained turbine aircraft and the only private airport dedicated to skydiving in Pacific Northwest so for my birthday this year I decided to do exactly that with a few close friends of mine and here is what i thought of it. 

Skydiving was one of the most spiritual experiences me and my friends have had in our lives. It seems strange but there's something about free fall, you will no longer remember any of your worries or stress. Instead you become an observer of life and all that matters in that moment is the experience. The feeling is blissful, kinda like a line in Beyonce's song love on top "Now everybody ask me why I'm smiling out from ear to ear" And Portland is a perfect place to experience that with its lush green forests and pristine rivers around or the mighty Pacific as there are options at the coastline too.  So next time you are visiting, maybe we can high five up in the air at 12000 feet. Here are some of the resources that you might find useful: two of those are outdoor and one indoor.

Check their websites for all the age, height, weight restrictions and for all the general enquiry you might have. After your first tandem skydiving experience you might be hooked because it's a thrill that can't be compared to anything else and only sky's the limit to all the fun adventures you can have. 

See you in our beautiful city on one of your adventures!!

Here are some photos of me and my coworker/friend Laura to inspire you to taste that thrill.